Thursday, August 21, 2008

Modesto Police Detective James Eichbaum A Pedofile

Judge Marie Silveira called the case of Edward Deandre Mitchell and Laron Tavon Davis, who are accused of murder and a string of convenience store robberies.

This time, the credibility of former Modesto police detective James Eichbaum, who retired in October, was on the line.

On Feb. 9, Eichbaum pleaded no contest to providing alcohol to a minor, an infraction, and paid an $800 fine.

He had been accused of giving an alcoholic energy drink to a 17-year-old female Explorer Scout while they worked together on an alcohol sting operation in August 2006.

In court and in legal papers, defense attorney Frank Carson alleged that Eichbaum's relationship with the minor was far more extensive, and sexual in nature.

As proof, the defense attorney gave the court a copy of an anonymous letter, purportedly from someone who works for the Modesto Police Department.

He asked the court to review Eichbaum's personnel file to determine if complaints against the former detective show a pattern of malfeasance that could call his work on the Mitchell and Davis case into question.