Sunday, March 30, 2008

Roast A Pig - Ceres Police Intimidation

Officer Venn from the Ceres Police Dept, tried to plant drugs in my SUV on 7-5-06. On 12-24-05 He illegally entered and searched my home along with Officer Moore and Sargeant Vierra on a false police call and false police report that my brothers girlfriend made up. I was at my friends house early in the day and gone for two hours. When the officers entered my home illegally they asked my daughter dumb personal questions, that only an idiot of an officer would ask. Moore was searching without a search warrant but found nothing, so they fabricated a DUI, vandalism and obstructing an officer. Which was all a lie, because at trial they couldn’t back up they’re fabrication so they lost it was 8 not guilty and four guilty, they looked like bunch of idiots at court. My case was dismissed on 6-30-06 and the judge issued me an abstract for the DMV to get my license reissued, because of the fabrication. So five days later on 7-5-06 they retaliated and drove by my neighborhood and when the officer seen me he flipped a u-turn and turned on his light, followed me to the store and told me that he was going to impound my SUV for driving on a suspended license. I alleged with him about the fabrication and retaliation. It’s been 8 weeks since I haven’t had my SUV and the weird thing about this. Is why didn’t he file it in traffic court like the ticket states a court date on 9-13-06 at 9:30 p.m. So I called to confirm the court date since I haven’t received anything by mail like they normally do 30 days after the incident, but in my case they only impounded my SUV, but no court date filed, is that racism, retaliation or what do you call abuse of police power. Can you please publish this for me and my children.

Thank You,
Stella Martinez and Children

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noname said...

I am an adult white female from Ceres.
I never thought police officers could act this way.
I was wrong. I saw some brutal act by CPD just the other day, I am now afraid of them. Someone needs to put a stop to it now, its getting out of hand.
I will never respect an officer again.