Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Louie Tovar Of Phoenix Police Department Investigated

Commander Louie Tovar Of Phoenix Police
The Little Man In The Back

Commander Louie Tovar is with the Phoenix Police. He was with Family Investigations Bureau (FIB) but was recently demoted to work Transit. This is our befuddled "going nowhere-starting nowhere" Lightrail project in Phoenix. This seems fitting and appropo for Louie.

While with FIB, Louie Tovar never bothered to learn how to use the new phone system the
Phoenix Police Department installed in 2007. This ineptitude lead him to forget, to hang up the phone. He had my voicemail on speaker phone while he spoke to his staff about me. The other voices in the recording are Sandra Renteiria and Brandon Huntley - both of the Phoenix Police Department. All Recording came from my cell phone and are accompanied by a notarized document for authenticity.

This recording is Louie telling his staff to keep me from going to his boss, Chief Jack Harris, of the Phoenix Police. He states how he needs to get me "off his ass" and how "what a problem" I have become and not to "do it now." You see, I pointed out a major mistake to Louie and his staff, and he didn't like that. Brandon Huntely screamed at me telling me, "to get over it and let this go." Cops are arrogant and one can't point out to them their flaws and mistakes.

Here's the transcript:
"So you have to be wary of the fact there...he'll ask the same questions of Chief Harris and will turn around and say, Why can't we make him a Subject? It's about getting this guy off our ass...Right? That's the problem, That's the problem. I'm not saying do it now...."

So what exactly do you think Louie and his staff were not going to do now?
"I'm not saying do it now???!!???

Wrongfully arrest me? Shoot me and plant a gun in my hand? Harrass me? Bug my phone? What was the "it" Louie Tovar?

To make matters worse, here is yet another recording of Louie Tovar, calling me a Dickweed for questioning him and his authority.

If you don't believe there is corruption in the Phoenix Police Department, just listen how behind closed doors Louie Tovar and his staff, refer to dealing with us as "a fucking game". I am so glad and feel so comforted that Commander Louie Tovar of the Phoenix Police Department thinks that his job is "a game" and everytime someone in the community calls and questions him, we automatically become "dickweeds." I would like to read about this in the Police Code of Conduct.

Here's the transcript:
"It's a game. It's the fucking nature of the game with these dickweeds...ya know?" You can clearly here Sandra Renteiria affirmation of "Yeah" agreeing with him.

A complaint against Louie Tovar and FIB was filed with the Phoenix Police Professional Standards Bureau (FIB - their Internal Affairs) in August of 2007, mentioning these recordings and threatening comments made by Louie Tovar. Two months later we received a letter back stating that a "thorough investigation was conducted" and they found nothing wrong, or any wrong doing by Louie or his staff.

We are unaware how they can conduct an investigation without ever reaching out to us, requesting these recordings or ever interviewing us. Frankly, we don't think any investigation was done because subsequent requests for transcripts, notes, recordings or any documentation related to this investigation have gone unanswered by chief Jack Harris, Professional Standards Bureau, mayor Phil Gordon or the City Manager's office. One would think there would be some evidence of this "thorough investigation"...No?

If they ever provide it, we will post it here too. We heard that documentation is being forwarded to us on this supposed investigation and we are cautiously optimistic. We still don't comprehend how an investigation is conducted by the police, by only speaking with the police, when the complaint is against the police.

None of us can figure out where these cops get the authority and right to speak to, and order citizens in this way. It can only come from poor leadership and lack of good management. The arrogance is so real and so mind blowing, we just can't make this stuff up!!!

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