Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Police Intimidation In Onalaska, WI - Officers Danou and Kobishop

Recently in Onalaska, Wisconsin Officer Danou and Officer Kobishop dealt out some standard police issue, intimidation. Going into single women's homes, threatening to arrest everyone in the home. They dragged out several visitors to the home in handcuffs. This was all done in public view while very scared children watched their parents being harassed and called liars. According to Anjie of Wisconsin, this was done on multiple occasions.

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UturnonU said...

The officers were intimidating you dont be obsurd. The officers just doing there job with style for how much they get paid and putting there lively hood at risk. Its fair for them their just realising anger and you people were drunk and dumbasses. The officers making sure your well being is ok. In reality heres a tissue pussy words shouldnt hurt anybody unless your a drama queen. In my eyes your a geek with this site read a book next time you wont get in trouble.