Monday, May 12, 2008

Arizona Police Corruption - Roast A Pig

Roast A Pig - Police Corruption

Arizona Police Corruption

Arizona Police Corruption
Phoenix Police Corruption
Sun City Police Corruption
Flagstaff Police Corruption
Tempe Police Corruption
Tucson Police Corruption
Sierra Vista Police Corruption
Scottsdale Police Corruption
Lake Havasu Police Corruption
Prescott Police Corruption
Tombstone Police Corruption


Karen said...

What do you do when the police department terrorizes your family in order to find evidence to support their case against a loved one? This is happening to my family so beware it could happen to yours. They have turned my children against their father and me, by telling them that they lose their children or go to jail if they do not cooperate, sounds like Nazi Germany all over again. This is a warning to everyone out there the police are not your friends!!!!

Dumbfounded said...

Wow................who knew?????
I CANNOT believe that I actually used to go out with Soha!!!!!
I had googled someone he used to work with in NJ and ran across his name. It's been more than 20 years since I have seen or heard anything about him, so I figured, why not? Little did I know that picnics in the Fireman's Park at 2 in the morning would evolve into THIS!!! OMG!!!!! I told my brother and he all but came unglued!!!! When I still lived in NJ, I had heard that he had gotten into some trouble, but compared to what's going on in, hm, hmmmmmm. And to think that I have been flying into Phoenix on a regular basis for the past several years and ALMOST moved there!!!!! I am SO glad that none of my driving stunts (being lost and turning the wrong way down a one way road and accidentally blowing through a light when there was all of that construction around the airport....NEVER drunk....I don't drink enough to even qualify as a social drinker) resulted in my being pulled over. God, I shudder to think of what might have happened if I had run across him at this point in my life! I had quite a few choice things to impart to him when I snuck out of his life (thanks to "warnings" I had gotten regarding him beating up another girlfriend)but, never did. Now, I couldn't possibly manage to keep my big mouth shut (I've learned that to speak one's mind cuts back on ulcers) and that would have, most likely, been a really bad thing!!!
It sounds like he found his way to a place where too many people in his chosen profession think like him. I'm sorry for you guys, really I am. But, I am glad that I am not there!!!!!